The data points from the 2023 Community Brand‘s Association Trends Research Study highlight the significant impact that online communities can have on member engagement and loyalty within professional organizations. Here are some key takeaways:

  1. Networking and Collaboration:
    • 51% of members rely on their professional organization the most for networking, collaboration, sharing ideas, and participating in a professional community.
    • Emphasizes the importance of online communities as a central hub for members to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas.
  2. Usage of Online Communities:
    • 47% of members have used their organization鈥檚 online community.
    • Indicates a substantial portion of the membership actively engaging with the online community platform.
  3. Loyalty Metrics:
    • Members who have used the online community report higher loyalty metrics.
    • Suggests a positive correlation between engagement in the online community and increased loyalty towards the professional organization.
  4. Sense of Community:
    • 52% of members who use the online community report a strong sense of community.
    • In contrast, only 20% of those who don’t use the online community experience a similar sense of community.
    • Highlights the role of online communities in fostering a strong and connected community environment.

These findings underscore the value of online communities as a powerful tool for member engagement, collaboration, and fostering a sense of community within professional associations. Leveraging these insights in your content strategy can further emphasize the benefits of your online community platform for current and potential members.