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At Sengii we understand that you are looking for a tool that will save your staff time and reduce costs. So many community and event tools are overpriced and complicated, with little personal support, leaving your staff feeling even more overwhelmed. We know what it’s like to burn the candle at both ends. We’ve helped organizations like yours with an easy to use, cost effective solution.
“The Sengii Connect system has been so intuitive and easy to use, right after I introduced it to my members, they started communicating with each other and sharing ideas and information. It was an immediate value add.”
Ron Skinner, VP of Business Development, NAA
“In a short amount of time, Sengii has become a valuable partner to the Minnesota Society of CPAs. Our community site has been well received by both members and staff. As an added benefit, we have leveraged Sengii’s expertise in other areas of our technology infrastructure as well.”
Misty Garrick, Head of
Digital Strategies, MNCPA
“The main reason we chose Sengii was because of the integration with NoviAMS and because of the email functionality. In less than 2 months, AOBA Connect has had over 30,000 logged email views and more than 90 percent of members had engaged with the Online Community.”
Brandy Peak, VP of
Operations, AOBA
“It is refreshing to work with a company like Sengii who really listens to the needs of our organization and provides insight on how to make it happen. In our community in the past year, there have been over a million email views, with an average of 7,000 members (a third of their membership) logging on to the community every day.”
Natalya Read, Director of
Membership, ASE
“The core of every Association is community. Connect offers a feature packed, affordable solution for SCACPA to enhance communications and learning opportunities for its membership.”
Chris Jenkins, CEO, SCACPA
“Sengii has helped us connect our diverse membership to both the association and one another, and will be the foundation of our member communications moving forward.”
Daniel Todd, CIA, MICPA
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