Sengii was recently in attendance at the Association Executives of North Carolina trade show. This showcase includes CEOS and staff of associations across NC. The goal is to network, represent, and expand the full potential of association management; as well as acknowledge the service/ hospitality industries.

Established in 1955, the trade show brings together vendors and the organizations that need them. Some of the offers are event planning, meeting venues, programs, and products or services.

We had the opportunity to exhibit our Event Attendance Verification system which supports check-in/out, walk-ins, badge scanners, QR to scan with your smartphone, and badge printing. It accepts the name of the person, takes a photo of their face (with face recognition to identify the face) then prints a name badge on-demand using a label printer.

The name badge can be scanned for checking in / out of sessions at events. Participation can be done by email, mobile or web app, kiosks, and best of all, this solution seamlessly integrates with any AMS, something Sengii sets up for you.

The all in one solution for events or meetings, it has the ability to track attendance and automatically reconcile in your management software.

Registrants can ask questions live and provide feedback, as well as message other registrants. Making your convention, seminar, conference, meetings, functions, or any event a breeze to let members connect, track attendance, and conduct reports. Our main priority is to make it as simple as possible to keep your members or guests happy. Which in turn, makes them keep coming back to your association year after year.