Are you satisfied with your Learning Management System (LMS)? What if you could make it better?

Our Social Continuing Education integration can augment your LMS with discussions, resources/e-materials, automation engine for reminders, integrated micro and full surveys, interactive presentations, and more.

Our Online Community integration adds a whole new dimension to your Continuing Education. Are your registrations suffering? Give them a boost and differentiate your brand from competitors while delighting your registrants.

Embed discussions and productivity tools, resources, and more directly into your LMS or Website for ease of access. Take advantage of our single sign on (SSO) and Transparent Authentication (no login required) features for a consistent and frustration-free member experience. Automate discussions and reminders about upcoming events or changes.

Check out our brief overview video and contact us for more details. Improve the lives of your members every single day. Upgrade to Association 2.0 today!