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πŸš€ Welcome to my corner of the digital world! I'm Noeli, an avid Project Manager, Entrepreneur, and lifelong learner. With a passion for delivering top-notch customer service, I navigate the ever-evolving landscape of projects and ventures. 🌟 As a Project Manager, I thrive on turning ideas into reality. My entrepreneurial spirit has led me to explore various avenues, always seeking new challenges to conquer. Alongside my professional endeavors, I embrace the freedom of freelancing, where I bring my skills to diverse projects. πŸ“š Beyond the boardroom, I'm a committed lifelong learner, constantly seeking knowledge to stay ahead in this dynamic environment. In this space, I'll be sharing insights, experiences, and lessons learned throughout my journey. Let's connect, collaborate, and grow together in this exciting digital realm!

How to Engage your Members using Online Community

By |2022-07-01T20:19:22+00:00March 5, 2021|Associations, Business Strategy, Non-Profits, Technology|

Member engagement continues to be an issue for a lot of associations. Whatever your method of communication, providing relevant and engaging content should be a priority for associations. And the more channels of communication, the better chance to reach your [...]

The Number One Thing Your Member Based Organization Is Missing.

By |2022-07-01T20:19:50+00:00January 4, 2021|Associations, Non-Profits, Product News|

The concept of member-funded organizations has not really changed since their creation, partly due to most of these organizations' resistance to change. Why fix something if it's not broken, right?. While there may be a few fax machines still around; [...]

Event Risk Management Planning: 5 things to do when a Crisis Strikes

By |2022-07-01T20:16:37+00:00May 19, 2020|Associations, Business Strategy, Non-Profits, Product News|

1. Stay informed. Follow governmental regulations. Know what is happening inside and outside the organization. 2. Get a list of all your upcoming meetings and events and categorize them by size, type, venue and budget. 3. Rate your events on [...]

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