It’s a real challenge to stay ahead of the needs of the members of your association. Sengii’s Online Community is designed to help you do just that and more, by staying connected and providing constant value to keep them coming back. Our online community allows your members to stay engaged and easily share their ideas and feedback. Members can have discussions by web, mobile app, and email; and share their experience and expertise to help each other.

Sengii is more than an online community, it can help your association automate emails, personalize content, and it also passively records your members actions, so you can predict what they want and need.

Increased retention means increased revenue and Sengii can provide you all the tools you need to make your association relevant to all your members.

As an official Community Brands Technology Partner, Sengii can help provide custom development and integrations for all the Community Brands suite of products and solutions. Our solutions integrate with your favorite Association Management Systems (AMS), so you don’t need to manage anything extra.

Sengii’s core Community solution also integrates with your Events to provide name badges, QR scanners, attendance tracking, reports, surveys, and reconciles back into your AMS automatically.

“We are your strategic partner and stand behind our partnership with fixed AMS integration costs, transparent pricing, no time terms in our contracts, free upgrades, and constant product improvement at no cost to our customers.

Our competitive pricing and comprehensive solution makes Sengii a top leader in the association space. We modernize associations and help them stay relevant to members every single day.”

-Nicholas Bott, Founder / CEO