Tomorrow marks a rather quirky occasion—National Telephone Day on April 25th. It’s a day to hang up your texting thumbs for a minute and appreciate the wild ride of telephone technology. From Alexander Graham Bell’s groundbreaking invention to your sleek, do-it-all smartphone, we’ve certainly come a long way.

Imagine a world where the most mind-blowing piece of technology was a device that let you talk to someone miles away without shouting. That was 1876 for you, when Alexander Graham Bell got the patent for the first practical telephone. Fast forward to today, and many of us would probably say the phone function is the least used app on our smartphones! Comedian Gary Gulman nailed it when he joked about the phone being a “seldom-used app” on his phone.

If you ask people today who invented the phone, some might answer “Steve Jobs.” Not quite, but can you blame them? When Apple rolled out the iPhone in 2007, it wasn’t just a phone; it was a revolution in your pocket—a camera, iPod, computer, and yes, a phone, all rolled into one. Sounds pretty basic now, doesn’t it? But back then, it was enough to make people camp outside stores for days just to get their hands on one.

So, how do you celebrate such a day in an era where the phone part of our phones is just one tiny feature among many? Here are three fun ways to get connected:

  1. Go Retro: Dust off that old rotary phone or flip phone from the depths of your storage and give it a whirl! Or, at the very least, dial a friend the old-fashioned way: by actually making a call. Texts and DMs are great, but nothing beats hearing someone’s voice on the other end of the line.
  2. Phone a Friend… or Foe: Use your phone to reconnect. Call a long-lost friend or someone you owe an apology. It’s amazing what a simple phone call can accomplish.
  3. Tech Detox: Feeling brave? Try going a whole day using your smartphone only as a phone. No apps, no photos, no social media—just calls. It’s a fun challenge that might just help you rediscover the joy of simplicity in our tech-saturated world.

While our phones have evolved into portable supercomputers, it’s fun to remember the simple magic of their original purpose on National Telephone Day. Have fun dialing back the tech and reconnecting in the most classic way possible. Happy National Telephone Day, everyone! Let’s make those connections count!