Why is inclusivity and diversity important?


Studies have shown that communities with diverse members provide a wealth of perspectives that can make a difference when it comes to innovation and engagement. Here are 5 ways that your community can encourage inclusion and diversity:


  1. Add a section to your community rules and guidelines that speaks to creating and maintaining an inclusive environment. Talk about how you handle exclusionary comments, posts, and attitudes. Personalize your association’s inclusion and diversity statement to your online community.
  2. Members without profile photos or with stock images are less likely to be engaged with – encourage members to add a photo using automation rules.
  3. When people see that your community recognizes and encourages individual differences, then they will want to be a part of it. Show your potential members that everyone belongs in your association. Nothing makes this more apparent than showcasing members.
  4. If you survey your members, ask them how inclusive they find the community, whether they have experienced any bias, and suggestions for improvements.
  5. Celebrate months dedicated to diversity. Women’s month, Black history month, and LGBT month are all great introductions to talking about how your association appreciates the need for acceptance and representation.


Embracing that which makes us different and unique is exactly what helps build trust and innovation in an association. Everyone wants to feel included.



 We would love to hear more about what you are doing in your Association.