Reading this article about the Twitch community I was struck by this quote from one of its members “Twitch is a social environment for me. Knowing you’ve made someone smile is a huge uplift. Even having just one person watching you, talking with you, that’s a huge deal.” When we think about online community it is normally from the point of view of the membership, but what about the benefits for association staff. Here are a few:

Saving time: An active online community provides a direct and efficient channel for association staff to communicate with members. They can share updates, announcements, and important information in real-time, reducing the need for multiple emails or physical mailings.

Working smarter: Within the online community, staff can identify active members who are passionate about the association’s mission. These individuals can become advocates or potential leaders who can contribute significantly to the association’s growth and success.

Increased job satisfaction: By actively engaging with the community, association staff can gain insights into the needs, concerns and preferences of the members. This understanding helps in tailoring services and offerings to better meet their expectations.

Greater connection: Engaging with members in the community fosters a sense of community and belonging. As staff interact with members, they can build meaningful relationships, leading to increased loyalty and staff retention.

Networking opportunities: An online community can serve as a networking platform for members and staff alike. Staff can connect with industry professionals, potential partners and sponsors.

Pride in a job well done: Association staff can use the community platform to conduct surveys and collect feedback from members. Additionally the community platform generates data on member behavior, engagement levels, and preferences. Staff can analyze this data to make informed decisions and tailor strategies for the association’s benefit.

Building and nurturing an online community can create a win-win situation where both the association staff and its members thrive together.