The concept of member-funded organizations has not really changed since their creation, partly due to most of these organizations’ resistance to change. Why fix something if it’s not broken, right?.

While there may be a few fax machines still around; email is certainly easier and faster. As time and technology advance, so should the strategies used to acquire and retain members. So how can your association stay relevant in a world with so much background noise?

Did you know that the average American spends roughly 5 hours a day on their phone? But how much of that time is spent thinking about how valuable their membership is? The time spent online is only beneficial if your members are getting value and are interacting.

As an association or organization of any kind, you want your members’ needs to be met and their lives made easier.  A successful membership organization should be formalized and commit to a set of procedures to keep track of progress and be able to meet the scaling goals.

But it is also much more than that, by providing your members with a safe space where they can come together, you give them a bigger purpose. No matter how talented or educated someone is, they will eventually need someone else’s help to move up the career ladder. Just as regular communities, online communities give people the support they seek and the long-lasting connections they need.



At Sengii, we specialize in providing online communities for member-based associations. The Sengii Connect system is our software solution that provides an exclusive online community where your members can connect and help each other. In addition, Connect passively records all actions by members and provides insights to guide associations to better meet their members’ needs. Connect is one of the highest-rated member benefits but it only scratches the surface of many other tools and features we offer. Allow us to be your partner and help your association to boost renewals and increase registrations, as well as receive more member feedback, and member engagement.