We’re excited to announce the release of our all new Membership Connect mobile application!

Why the Membership Connect brand?

Sengii is a very specific and unique brand.  We’ve invented the “Membership Connect” brand to represent our generic mobile application that works with the existing Connect Online Community web application.

You may be aware that within the past year, Apple has declared “branded” apps to be “spam” and no longer allows them in the iTunes Connect store.  This was a serious complication for our new customers who were using Tapatalk as a branded mobile solution for their association.  The global Tapatalk application can still be used with our Online Community; however, it contains ads and is not branded.  Although Tapatalk still offers a branded application, it will very likely be declined by Apple, so it really only applies to Android.

To help our customers provide a branded experience for their members using our Online Community, we’ve created a shared mobile app called “Membership Connect”.  This brand is generic enough to work for any association or organization and unique enough to be easily found on iTunes Connect and Google Play store.

How does it work for Members?

Your members can find the Membership Connect app easily and install it.  Once installed, your organization is selected, and the member logs in as usual.  From this point forward the application looks and feels like your organization’s brand and is identical to the web application in capability.  Unfortunately due to technical limitations the app will always be called “Membership Connect”; but the actual user experience within the app is fully branded to your organization.

How is this valuable for Members?

Membership Connect provides mobile push notifications and a more persistent brand presence and experience for your Members.  Mobile push notifications are like emails, but much faster.  Additionally any number of devices can receive these push notifications.  Of course your members can still use email for communication with the Online Community in parallel.

Our web application already supports push notifications as well, for browsers that enable them.  Currently supported browsers are: Chrome, FireFox, and Opera – with Edge and desktop Safari coming soon.  This means whether your members are on their laptops, desktops, tablets, or phones; they can stay in the loop as discussions progress and have access to all the productivity tools and assets our Online Community solution provides.

What does Membership Connect cost?

Currently we’re charging a minimal annual subscription fee for ongoing development and support for the mobile offering.  Contact us to get more information!

Can I get a fully branded Mobile App?

We can offer a fully branded mobile app that includes your organization name and icon; however, most likely Apple will not allow us to “brand” Membership Connect to your organization.  Instead we would need to provide your organization with a fully unique mobile app to justify the divergence to Apple.  This would be a more costly option, though we can still offer competitive rates compared to developing a new mobile app from scratch.