The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) had a number of listservs which they used to communicate with their members. The listservs were managed offsite, which meant that the association staff didn’t directly control this important communication channel. 

Their membership, when surveyed, identified the listservs as the number 1 member benefit. “There was definitely an appetite for a more robust community offering” said Bob Webster, Director of Communications. As a limited communication tool with restricted web capabilities, listservs were unable to keep up with the pace of today’s digital world.    

Because of the sensitive nature of the discussions, NASAA represents state and provincial securities regulators, security was a key factor in making a software selection. Sengii was chosen because of its robust approach to security and its ability to develop the extra security measures needed. 

To stay compliant with security and privacy laws, Sengii ‘s enhanced security allows discussions to be RSA 2048 encrypted.

Bob adds, “Our members have seen that we listen to what they want and we deliver on it. With our switch to Sengii’s community software, we have seen engagement increase substantially. For us, and for any membership association, we know that the more members that are engaged, the more likely they are to renew.” 

Bob Webster
Bob Webster, Former Director of Communications, NASAA


NASAA has a multifaceted mission of protecting investors from fraud and abuse, conducting investor education, providing guidance and assistance via the established regulatory framework, and ultimately helping power the North American economy by ensuring the integrity of the financial markets. Learn more at