Sengii is constantly looking for ways to improve the community and make it easier for you to connect with your members. This month, we are rolling out a new feature for you: Newsletters.聽

Unlike traditional newsletters, this two-way communication allows readers to respond and offer their thoughts.

The Newsletters feature is an easy and straightforward way to create and publish a newsletter starting from templates that look great. Simply configure how you want everything to look within a template and then update the text with your announcements and opportunities for posting. You can create different templates for different groups and make your announcements more engaging and stylized to catch the attention of your members.聽聽

Use Newsletters for marketing and to enhance the communication in your community. For example posting about new opportunities and providing your members with the ability to respond directly with questions or offer interest and support.聽 Newsletters follow the same easy to use discussions feature for groups and respect those communication preferences for emails.

Remember that you can always turn moderation on for each group, which applies to Newsletter replies as well. You can also update the permissions for each group to determine who can send Newsletters: members, group admins or super users only.


The Newsletters are responsive and look great on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Newsletter Template Sample