We often hear about the many reasons an Online Community won’t work:

  • “We’ve tried an online community in the past and our members didn’t use it.”
  • “We’re too small for an online community to make sense.”
  • “Our members are old and will not use an online community.”

Sure, but what we sell is Online Community with a Twist.  We don’t follow a traditional path that you’ll find with many other online community providers.

Namely, we aren’t advocates of your staff spending time seeding the community, or hammering membership with constant marketing.  We want to find ways to make technology and existing offerings work to grow your community organically.

We know that small associations don’t have the staff resources to incubate a community, so we focus on integration with existing offerings such as education to introduce the platform to your members.  Our AMS integration is the tightest because we talk as directly as possible to your raw data to pick up the nuances of your particular use cases. Our non-intrusive opt-in system lets you introduce existing demographics into the system without heavy marketing.  Our transparent authentication feature lets your members use the community without needing to remember their login.

Additionally we work with your organization to strategize introduction, phase in new member benefits, and add value to your existing offerings.

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