Do you like Higher Logic’s Online Community offering, but can’t afford the high price? We have most of the same features, a few extras, and cost less!

  • Automation Rules Engine
  • Discussion Groups
  • Productivity Tools
  • Private Messaging
  • Direct Email Reply
  • [the list goes on]

That’s not what we’re about here at Sengii though. Our prices are lower because they don’t need to be higher. Our features are comparable because of our customers’ needs, and the features we offer that Higher Logic does not, are because we thought it was a good idea to add them.

So what is Sengii about? We want to help modernize associations, improve member value, and be your strategy partner.

Are your members being reminded about the value of their membership every single day? Is their vast peer-to-peer knowledge being shared? Are you standing behind your members’ needs and changing legislation? Do you even know what your members’ needs are?!

The modern association, or what we call “Association 2.0” is in touch with their members, enables them to share vast knowledge and expertise, and makes their life easier and better every single day. Yes, I said daily. How?

Online Community is more than a discussion forum and more than a listserve. It’s a set of tools structured around your members and their needs in a modern climate. We put a lot of time into research and development, and work with our association customers to consistently improve our offerings to get ahead of their competition; transforming them into an invaluable resource for professionals.

If you’re tired of competitors reducing your registrations, and younger members asking why they should care about membership, then it’s time to make a change. Contact us today and take a step forward into a better, modern, and relevant tomorrow.

PS: If Online Community is just the latest buzzword your boss says they need, you can also contact us!  No frogs allowed.