Sometimes I get asked, “What makes Sengii different or unique compared to other Online Community vendors?”

I don’t think there is any one specific thing, but here are three reasons that I think our customers choose us over the competition:

  1. It’s very important to integrate with your CRM/AMS as seamlessly as possible to save staff time and extraneous training. We are integration specialists. I’ve seen vendors charge $20,000 or more for the integration and setup work for their community. We have done hundreds of integrations of various types over the years and have it down to a science.We’re so confident that we can integrate with your CRM/AMS successfully and effectively that we only charge a flat $5,000 for our setup and integration. If we fail (which has never happened), you will get a full refund. Is your CRM/AMS supported? As long as there is a way to access the data (API, web service, database, etc.), it is supported by our policy.

    For customers who already have a vendor they prefer for integrations, we can work with them during implementation.

  2. The next important thing is providing maximum engagement with as few decisions as possible. What does that mean? We find that customers who move from a web based community to our email, web, and mobile based community will choose a non web method of engagement > 90% of the time.Professionals typically choose email as their primary form of engagement, and because of that – we are experts at creating an easy to use and reliable email based solution. Members do not even need to login to participate in the community.  Most actions in the system have an equivalent purely email based approach available.  Staff can even moderate discussions purely through email without logging into our system.

    The more decisions a person needs to make, the lower their chance of engagement. For example if they need to click multiple times, remember their login, navigate to specific discussions, etc. then a large portion of those users will simply give up.

  3. Lastly, Sengii is an agile company with an agile development approach. We are constantly improving our solution and applying those improvements to all our customers free of charge. In addition to quick turn around, attention to detail, and real user feedback; we do not charge our customers when we implement their ideas, as long as it improves our core solution.You read that correctly! Every new customer we bring on board has ideas to improve the system based upon their industry, region, staff insights, etc. and we implement their ideas to improve our system, completely free of charge.

    We can afford to do this because we are product specialists, not just consultants. We create software solutions that meet the productization model to scale, automatically deploy, automatically patch, and allow customizations without rebuilding the software for each customer.

To find out more about the Sengii difference first hand, contact us today!