You don’t need to be a great copywriter to get engagement on your posts. To get your members to participate you need a good strategy and you need to know your members. Associations may have a vast membership from a range of demographics, but they all have something in common: your association. Tell your members of the latest news, industry changes, upcoming events, and much more. But simply telling your members about a certain topic will not prompt them to respond.


Passive posts will get members to read your emails, but without a call to action, they won’t reply.  With passive discussions, you are not encouraging participation but enabling them to lurk without actually contributing. If you want them to reply, you have to tell them so.


To get members involved, you need a call to action (CTA). A call to action is a marketing term that tells people exactly what you want them to do. The steps they have to follow. Use language that will stimulate a response and will actually get read. Use simple and direct language that everyone can understand at a glance.


Writing a call to action doesn’t need to be complicated, it can be something simple. As a matter of fact, one of our customers recently launched their community and in the introductory post asked, “what’s your favorite color?” This post had excellent engagement with the membership!

If you want engagement, don’t just tell them about an upcoming event, say “Register today and get 15% off.” Don’t just announce an upcoming legislative change but ask them what they think about it and how will it change the industry. Especially during these difficult times, you have to reassure your members that you are there to support them. Express emotions and be personable, be creative and funny, talk to your members so they talk back to you.