In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, successful events require more than just meticulous planning and execution. They demand a dynamic synergy between event organizers and community managers. The collaboration between these two vital roles can significantly enhance the overall success and impact of an event.

If your community feels like it has helped shape the content of your event they are more likely to register, attend and participate. 

Before the event:

  • Engage the community in event programming by seeking ideas for speakers, pitching topics, and conducting polls to determine their interests.
  • Analyze community conversations to identify popular themes and use the insights to shape event content.
  • Create pre-event build-up threads and discussions to generate anticipation, facilitate networking among attendees, and introduce key topics, speakers, and sponsors.
  • Involve the community in co-creating the event experience, such as creating event soundtracks or playlists.

Promoting the event via the community:

  • List events within the community, allowing members to add them to their calendars.
  • Build excitement and anticipation through event marketing, including keynote speaker announcements, sneak previews, and behind-the-scenes content.
  • Provide community-specific offers, discounts, and special access to create a sense of exclusivity.
  • Leverage community members as event evangelists by encouraging them to promote the event on social media.

Networking before the event:

  • Facilitate introductions and connections between community members attending the event.
  • Encourage event attendees to introduce themselves and express their expectations, facilitating meaningful connections.
  • Host online video sessions for attendees to familiarize themselves with one another before the event.

Adding value for sponsors in the community:

  • Recognize sponsors in the community, highlighting their contributions and sharing relevant content.
  • Allow vetted sponsors to participate in community conversations, gaining market insight and delivering thought leadership.
  • Provide opportunities for sponsors to engage with delegates through Ask Me Anything sessions or hosted video discussions.

During the event:

  • Add slides and other notes, capture and summarize major event experiences, and post them in the community to engage delegates and provide a glimpse for those who couldn’t attend.
  • Create a sense of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) by posting event updates, session snippets, and attendee reactions in the community.
  • Encourage attendees to ask questions, share takeaways, and provide feedback during the event in the community.
  • Engage speakers in the community, before and after their sessions, to build anticipation and enable follow-up discussions.

After the event:

  • Continue conversations within the community, focusing on topics that garnered interest or sparked debate during the event.
  • Facilitate post-event networking by making introductions and connections among community members.
  • Extend value to sponsors by thanking them, sharing follow-up content, and making introductions to potential prospects.

Some ideas for event organizers and community managers to create a cohesive experience where the community enhances the event and the event drives community engagement.