I was asked a while back by a potential customer, “Why are you getting into the Event solutions market? There are already a lot of companies doing it.”

The answer may surprise you. We’re well known for our ability to integrate with AMS/CRM software at a flat, affordable price. There’s a common problem with Online Communities: how do I get my members using the community?

Online Communities are invaluable to Associations and Members, but you don’t know what you’re missing if you’ve never had it. So back in 2016 we began to integrate with Events, Sessions, Registrations, etc. with various AMS. This allowed us to extend the value of those existing offerings by adding Online Community features, such as discussions, calendar, messaging, networking, feedback, etc. As an added bonus, it allows Members to be exposed to the Community in an organic way with high traction and engagement.

Once we integrated with those Events, the heavy lifting was done. So we began to add features such as Audience Response System, where registrants can ask questions, upvote them, and presenters can know what questions have the most interest.

Then we began to research Attendance Verification solutions and realized most of them were priced highly and had poor integration. Feedback from our customers was that they wanted those types of features, but the prices were too high and they only needed them for select Events.

So we added Attendance Verification features. Finally, our customers wanted a Conference App, with customizable content, menus, instant messaging other attendees, downloading e-materials, custom schedules, reminders, etc. Most of the integration work was already done, so we added those features as well.

Finally, we’re happy to announce that our Online Community solution offers an extensive, cohesive set of features at an amazing price point with excellent integration:

  • Online Community
  • Discussions
  • Private Messaging
  • Instant Messaging
  • Resources / Materials
  • Links
  • Feedback & Ratings
  • Surveys
  • Session Check In/Out
  • Conference App
  • Social Wall
  • Mobile App

We’re still finalizing the pricing of our extended Event features, but I encourage you to contact us today if you’re interested in high convenience, deep integration, and great value, from a single solution provider. Your Members expect convenience – we delivered.