Due to the current world pandemic, life is a little hectic right now (as if it wasn’t already). We are being forced to break our routine. The coronavirus has prompted many businesses, offices and schools to close, and events to be canceled. Many people are self-quarantining or being asked to stay home. It can be an anxious time for some of us, that is why I prepared this list of tips for you to have an easier transition and staying productive during these trying times.

  • Set up an area where you can work without distractions; kitchen table, office space.
  • Stick to a routine. Wake up, shower, get dressed, have your coffee, prepare your work space. Breaking a daily ritual can be difficult for some, so make sure to maintain your schedule as close as you can to avoid anxiety.
  • Accomplish small tasks. Keep in mind that not everything might go as planned, so appreciate the small things you manage to complete. Finish replying to emails,  go and empty the dishwasher, have your virtual meetings, walk the dog.
  • Don’t forget to take breaks to clear your head. If you have at kids home, make sure to spend a little extra time with them. Meditate, bake cookies, watch the end of the series you have been putting off, invent a new game.
  • Make time to socialize but practice social distancing. Call or video chat with others who may need the interaction as well. Post on your online community and check in with your peers.

Working from home is not all fun and games, you must have the focus and discipline to get things done. Learn to prioritize, then you can have fun and play games.

It can be frustrating to have to stay home for the next few weeks, but better safe than sorry. I hope everyone follows the CDC’s and World Health Organization‘s precautions and remember to wash your hands if you:

Blow your nose, cough or sneeze

Use public transport

Handle money, animals or garbage

⛪ Visit markets or places of worship

Care for a sick person


Use the toilet or change baby diapers

Notice your hands are visibly dirty

️ Visit any public spaces

✋ Touch any public surfaces

Also, remember to self quarantine if you show any symptoms and don’t hoard all the hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Let’s be mindful of others and let’s keep our communities safe.