Are you struggling to gain and maintain event registrations?  You’re not alone.

Here at Sengii we’ve been working to solve this problem since 2015.  The crux of the problem is that events offered by cheap or free competition is eating away at your revenue, and the value your Event delivers needs to be higher. The solution is to differentiate and add more value to your existing offerings.

Our approach has two parts:

  1. First we wrap Events with the features of Online Community.  This allows professional networking and asking questions before, during, and after the Event.  This doesn’t just add convenience – it creates a mechanism to gain real insights into the needs of your registrants and allows them to network and participate well after the Event has been completed.
  2. Next we add major convenience to the User Experience and overall process.  Our Events solution synchronizes with your AMS: e-Materials, Resources, Surveys, Reminders, Notes, Social Wall, Q & A, embedding in Presentations, Feedback & Ratings, Attendance Verification per Event and Session, and automatic reconciliation for credits, registrations, and attendance.Our solution bleeds into the physical with Kiosk access, name badge printing, automatic label printing, QR code scanning, smart phone access, and more.  No need to purchase specific hardware – our solution works on all modern devices.  The best part is a customizable Conference App that works on browsers and can be installed as a Mobile App.  Add custom content with driving directions and maps, Hotels, local Restaurants, virtual tours, Wifi Access, and more.

Our solution for Events is cost effective, convenient for registrants and staff, automated to save time and reduce human error, accessible on all devices, personalized and customized.

Reinvigorate your registrations, increase staff efficiency, differentiate your offerings, add value for months or years after an Event has completed, use real Feedback to perfect your offerings, and meet and exceed expectations!

Contact us today to find out more and learn how we can help you to complete Events.