If you’re a location centric association (such as state, county, city, chapter, etc.), then your best benefit to members is to focus on your location. While national or federal scope information is important, what your members are going to care about is how it will affect them where they are, and in their daily professional lives.

The internet, speed and scope of information makes it easy to lose sight of things like location. We buy produce from the other side of the planet without thinking much about it. Most of our merchandise is produced in other countries. There is something a little strange about traveling Washington DC, visiting a giftshop, and finding “Made in China” stamped on the United States flag, but I digress.

What can you offer your members that a national level association for the same professionals cannot? Accessibility, local news, local events, student outreach, chapter outreach, networking, mentoring, a handshake, etc.

What I’m about to tell you is hearsay, but it makes sense to me. If you’re a local/state association directing your members to a national level association for their resources, the question will eventually be asked, “Why am I paying for my local membership when the national membership provides me with everything I need?”

The times are changing, information moves rapidly, and the lines between locations are increasingly blurred. Give your members the one thing that makes your brand valuable: location